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Woman Swimming in a Pool After Using a Portable Starting Block

The World's Only Portable Starting Block

The PowerStarts® Portable Starting Block is the first and only truly portable starting block available anywhere. You simply set the blocks in place, fill them with water for added weight, and you're ready to go. Drain the water and put them away when not in use. There are no bolts, no holes, no fittings, no tools, no fuss, and best of all, no problems! Contact us to buy one of our swimming pool starting blocks!

Portable Starting Block

Our portable starting blocks are made from durable polymers and stainless steel, and are designed to be stored, moved, and transported anywhere you need blocks. We will adjust the height of the block to custom-fit your pool configuration so you can get the most out of your starts.

Many pools that are used for practice do not have starting blocks. Others take their starting blocks down, returning them for a competitive meet. Not having starting blocks to practice on is one of the excuses that coaches use for not practicing competitive swimming starts more often. The patented PowerStarts® Portable Starting Block solves that problem and eliminates that excuse.

Great for Beginners

The PowerStarts® Portable Starting Block is ideal for training beginners, because it may be reversed to provide a low, 8° sloped surface for a start out. This unique flexibility is not available with any other starting block system.

Filling is accomplished simply and quickly using a bucket or hose, through the large three-inch fill cap on the top surface. Emptying is even faster through the 1.5-inch drain cap on the side.

Boy with Goggles Approves the Usefulness of a Portable Starting Block

When the PowerStarts® Portable Starting Block is filled with water, it weighs approximately 400 pounds and leaves it secure on nearly any textured deck surface. On tile or smooth concrete, merely placing the Block on any non-slip pad will accomplish the same secure installation. There is no need for holes in the pool deck or any other special accommodations. At the end of practice, simply drain the water. The empty block weighs approximately 100 pounds and can be carried by two people, or moved by one person with a hand-truck, to storage or a vehicle.

CAUTION: We recommend positioning the PowerStarts® Portable Starting Block on the pool deck near the deepest water to minimize the risk of the swimmer impacting the bottom of the pool. Starting blocks should only be used by competitive swimmers under the direct guidance of a suitably trained coach in a controlled environment with adequate water depth. The American Red Cross recommends a minimum water depth of nine feet.